Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vacation, Day 2

Today this Korean woman in her mid-60's was standing next to me on a putting surface in Pacoima, holding the flagstick as JV blasted out of a greenside bunker. Lofting gloriously through a shotgun splatter of sand, Viper V's ball went higher than it went long, and it's spin caused it to stop almost where it landed; it was truly a beautiful shot.

My Korean friend's comment: "Nice out, JV!" And she meant it! Therein lied the beauty. For 7 holes, her English was limited to "nice shot" and "pass the bourbon." But now, here as a witness, she felt comfortable enough to call my friend by his acronymous nickname. I could have kissed here right then and there....but she probably would have kicked my ass.

P.S. I shot a 107, and I was proud. I've got a few funny anecdotes about the experience if I remember tomorrow........


Liquid Spirit said...

dude, you got pics?

random said...

Don't understand. Was the Korean woman just some lady who was playing in ahead of you? Or was she part of your group? And if the former, wtf!? How did she know Viper V's acrimonious nickname?

You need to stop being so Krypt'c - who do you think you are, Liquido? Don't you know I depend on Clipstone St. for my daily dose of union bashing and tepid Republicanism, so I demand pellucid clarity.

james said...

that's awesome. great story. i think i would have rolled on the grass laughing my ass off if i heard that out of no where.

could possibly make the tribal list of quotes.

'nice out jv!!'

james said...


have you seen this?


Liquid Spirit said...

how is day 3 going? any new reflections or ideations?

random said...

JV is now the proud recepient of two all-time quotes. This is the second. The first was the response to his, "Heyyy, take my picture!" said to the old dude at the Huntington Museum back in '88. The guy looked at JV and calmly shot back, "No, you're ugly." Classic. JV's state of mind at the time made it even funnier.

Saw the SNL skit when it originally aired. Just remember two years from now if Gore is running for Pres. that I was the first on the Machine to mention it when we were having the political debates a few months ago. I'm pretty much pulling for Gore right now, but who knows what will happen in two years. Bush will probably blow the world up - he already categorically shot down direct talks with Iran, and the Iranians clearly want them - so the presidency will be moot. Stupid.

Are Clipstone St. and the Crackpod replacing the Machine?