Thursday, February 02, 2006

Same Bat Time

When there's trouble in my town, the batlight that calls out for help looks a little different than Gotham's.

And yes, Tovar, I'm drinking another scrumptious glass of Sutter Home as I type this.
And, Gary, wow. 5? I just exited the restroom after SS Steamar's second sailing for today, and I'm not as comfortable as I'd like to be.
And, Apple lovers, my CD-RW is not working. Won't open manually, and isn't recognized in the hardware profile either. I've rebooted 2 times now. I might have to put a call into SCOJA.
And, Barn.........good one, who is that Barn-guy anyway?

In honor of GW's State of the Union and the heating up of the political b.s. season, I offer up this interesting article that obviously doesn't only apply to politics, but really illuminates how we might relate to our world in general.

Additionally, I liked this article regarding the situation that is facing our Middle Class. Honestly, I would have thought that we'd become too accustomed to living above our means. Apparently not though....

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liquido said...

yeah, i heard scoja is the shit. but what are you doing with a mac? where did that PC of yours go?