Saturday, February 04, 2006


Whoever sent me this pic, and you know who you are, titled it "gnargnar." 2 of these 3 guys are certainly gnar, so maybe the title should have been "gnargnarungnar," but maybe that's just too long.

I still need help understanding why it is so common in LA for drivers to hold up lanes of traffic while attempting to make a left turn over a double-yellow line?

Completely unrelated, GW is asking for a defense budget of $439B. Without making a comment or criticism either for or against military spending, I'm just a little curious why we need to spend that much? This animation makes an interesting point regarding how much do we need to spend? I recall studying Ben & Jerry's in a high school Economics class (way back in 1987) and learning that these two hippies had set up their company so that the highest paid employee was never paid more than 5 times what the lowest paid employee was paid. I thought that was pretty cool; of course I was 17 and had no real expenses.

Exxon posted a $10.7B profit for the 4th quarter. I'm still not sure how our cost went up as their costs {allegedly} went up, and yet they posted record gains? I know, this is old news, just thought about it again this morning.

Speaking of energy, I have an idea for a cleaner, cheaper fuel source. At my house, and undoubtedly others as well, we have this constant stream of recycling. I'm referring of course to the flood of junk mail that hits my mailbox daily, and is emptied into a bin that is emptied into another bin for the city to collect and recylce. If we could only find a way to harness this kinetic energy....


slapnuts special said...

the 3rd ungnar is definitely Nateski.

jbo said...

i was actually thinking that showing up as the "Prom King" was pretty gnar.