Sunday, February 05, 2006

The State of Disco in 2006

Superbowl is today. It's funny how if you don't turn into the buzz, it seems just like any ordinary day. But in a couple of hours, I will undoubetdly catch sight and sound of a TV tuned into the Superbowl, and I'm pretty sure everything that comes out of that television will be aimed at making it seem like today is the greatest day ever. I guess they call it hoopla?

I'm just excited to attend Varsano's historic Superbowl Party.

Last night we enjoyed some Armagnac compliments of SCOJA, then headed straight into the Twilight Zone. We had dinner in downtown Culver City at this italian restaurant called San Gennaro (I think?). Our waitress was young, and Italian (again, I think?), and really wasn't too sure what in the hell she was doing. But she was cheery and after the initial wait period at the table which rivalled some of my better DMV experiences, she did just fine. Supposedly, and I still don't believe this part, this restuarant has $12 bottels of wine. JV ordered an Ironstone cabernet off the list, and the waitress returned with an Iron House, or Iron Horse. Upon realizing the error, she dashed off only to return with 4 bottles in her clutches, none of which were an Ironstone cabernet or I'd ever even heard of. I think we settled into a bottle of Barefoot Merlot - which I have actually seen in the stores but have never thought of purchasing. We decided on our next bottle based upon our waitress' recommendation. I think it went something like this:

"This one is good, but some people like this one too. This other one, in the cabernet which we don't have, is really good. It won a prize."

Pure genius, my friends. "It won a prize." What type of prize? Therein lies her masterful sales technique. Anyway, bottle opened, bottle poured, wine drunk.

Back to the crooner, who was good, but sort of seemed like he was just an actor. He talked like he was in the rat pack, or knew mobsters in the 1950's New York. So he was singing all these Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra tunes, and people were actually dancing! It was pretty refreshing. Most were ancient, with perfectly coifed hair, but there were some young cats too. Gina and I hit the floor for about 1/2 of a song, and I dropped about 3 seconds worth of Robot on the old timers.

Next we hit the Culver Hotel for one after dinner drink. Nice atmosphere, but only one bartender trying to service about 40 people. Oops, almost forgot the anciano who was on the dessert wine/cheese cart. Nice guy, dressed well, cool Euro accent, but again.....if I found out it was his first night, I wouldn't have been surprised.

Then it was back to Varsano Villa West, for a little more armagnac and a couple of laughs in 'the office.' I love 'the office.' Secluded, comfortable, music, refrigarator, couch/bed. What else could a man need? A toilet perhaps, but sometimes it's nice to not have everything you desire.


liquido said...

gotta give this crooner lots of credit. he remained in form throughout the evening, never missing a beat. the young, the old, they were all butter at this man's feet. "I gotta question...Where's my Mary with the answer?"

jbo said...

I give him full credit, of course. And he made Mary's night, so that was very endearing. Now pour me some more liquor.