Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rexall is King!

Seriously, in the spirit of all that is good in this world, I'm not sure there is a better store. I buy my underwear there. I just got home from there, pickd up a can of shaving cream, 10 razors, a 4 oz. serving of Anti-perspirant/deodorant, and....AND two bottles of wine for a grand total of $18. Top that, I dare you. You can also buy milk there, get your prescriptions filled, photos developed, and tonight they had a poker table for sale. Not for sale via a a sign in the window, or on some top shelf in the back. No. This little guy was set up, right in the middle of the store, with chairs surrounding it and everything. Had I been in tip top condition tonight, I would have surely headed to the aisle that sells the wine opener and returned to the table to sit and enjoy some Cabernet while reflecting upon my good fortune.

As for the wine, sure it's Sutter Home, but it's $3.50 per bottle. It's not like I purchased it to be opened on my 10 year wedding anniversary. So, settle down you.

Continuing on, my Rexall is on the corner of La Cienega and Beverly Blvds. If you're familiar with the area, I think you understand the nice combination of all walks of life that I get to encounter. If you're not, then....shit, sorry.

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liquido said...

interesting picture. that guy looks familiar. what was your inspiration for posting this one?