Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Photo Blog?

What's this blog all about anyway? My friend Tovar refers to it as my "rant page," or something to that affect. But it's not just a vehicle for my ranting. Ideally, it would be some sort of journal because I want to keep a journal, but I really just hate writing by hand. Short notes are fine, but anything beyond that, and I just get bored.....and then fade to a halt. Mysteriously I actually enjoy typing. Anyhow, a journal? But can I really be totally honest on here like a journal is supposed to be? I think not.

Maybe I'll start putting more pictures into my Flickr account, and start leaning towards a photo blog. I frequent a few great photo sites, but it can be overwhelming at times - especially so since going digital. If anyone actually reads this, and has any comments, please either email them to me or post them.

For today, I'll pretend this a blog dedicated to photography.

I have this project I've had in my mind for several months now. It revolves around getting photos of my family members and framing them. The general idea is to get each family member in a solo shot. All in black and white, but this isn't a rule. And I'd like to take each person and get many shots, so I can end up with each photo of each member being entirely unique and different.

For example, Family Member A is a shot of just their nose and one ear, Family Member B from directly above their head with him/her looking up, etc. Just get a bunch of random and different shots of everyone, then select one per family member, and frame it. Then display them all on a wall. I got this idea from Beverly, and I think it's a really great idea.

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