Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The histogram for this photo basically said it was overexposed. Ha! Just goes to show what a computer knows. I think this photo is kinda rad.

I still need blog help. I did ask once before, and one lady was kind enough to offer some support. But her advice was to learn HTML, and while that was sound counsel, I need a little more than that. I need an advanced-intermediate blogger to take me under their wing. I have questions. If that might be you, please let me know.

JB sent me this from Sharkle today, and it made me laugh. Will it make you laugh? I don't know, why don't you click it, find out, and let me know what happened?

I got a Supercut today, and as always.......it is looking super. What I love about Supercuts aside from the fact that they call themselves "Supercuts" just like Superman called himself "Superman," is the wacky staff. In tonight's episode, my stylist's mouth was, oh about the same height as my ear - and for that matter, I guess both ear's - and she was having this really boring yet thankfully loud conversation with another of the Scissor Masters across the salon regarding her new cellphone. Apparently, and I quote, "it's a shitty phone, so I'm sending it back." I don't really mind this sort of bravado, because I'm a realist and so I love the reality of it. What I didn't really need was that I wasn't sure whether I was hearing the words via the normal vibrations in the air, or via some new method by which my ear was able to render the moisture of her breath.

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james said...

sharkle link was funny.

gotta love old B-boys.

too bad they're almost 50 now.