Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hero Culture

Just my opinion, but were the Grammy's about as boring as anything can get? I miss all these shows so I'm not sure if I'm close to correct here, or it's just me. I will say that I usually like the Oscars. I like seeing all the stars, and seeing the looks on their faces when they're trying to pretend that they like somebody. And, it's only once a year.

But back to the Grammy's. I remember watching the MTV music awards in college and really liking those shows. But that was over ten years ago, so I'm left wondering if I'm just not cool anymore and I'm just not understanding what is cool and fashionable right now. I mean, I just found out about blogging, for chissakes! But this is what is so cool about blogging: I don't think I've ever written or spoken the word "chrissakes" before. Now I can, pretty cool, huh?

I was impressed with Kelly Clarkson. I also never really watched "Idol," so I only knew her name as it became more popular that Mohammed (even though he's back in the news apparently). That girl can sing.

Other impressions: Bono needs to get over himself. The Edge, despite the fact that it's hard to respect him when he keeps showing up on these All Time Greatest Guitarist lists, seems to be a pretty cool guy. What else did I see before I almost decided to clean the bathroom? Oh yeah, Chris Martin. Bingo! Nice skipping Chris. Extreme Gene would blow you away in a skipoff!! I think Chris is a talented song writer, has a good voice, and maybe this is me being out of touch again........but is he/Coldplay anything special? He acts like he's on par with Jesus, Aristotle, Michael Jordan, and Oppenheimer. Music as it has existed for over 2,000 years has had so many better talents that go unnoticed, and if we met them on the street we'd think they were just ordinary people. Oh well.....

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