Thursday, December 15, 2005

Traded in my Civic

How do you like my new mode of transportation? Sure it's harder to take my loving customers out to lunch since I traded in a four-door compact sedan for this little style-beast with only room for one atop the rear fender. So, sure...what's your point? And since when did I love my customers? All aboard!!!!

Yellow has always been my favorite color. It's mellow...and when loco gringos make fun, I just laugh maniacally. Did I just spell that correctly?

So tomorrow is the end of another work week, and I'm ready for Friday afternoon. This year Christmas has really worn me down. Every year it takes it's toll, and it's not like I do much, so I can't really pin the tail on the donkey on this one, but I'm beat. We got no tree; no real holiday parties to speak of; no Christmas shopping and spending as I actually am the Grinch who Stole Christams. So why??? Don't know. I just know that I'm ready for January 2006. And as usual, no specific resolutions, but I do resolve to try and be better. Excercise more, eat better, call my Mom more often, be nicer at work, you know, that stuff.

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