Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blog Help

I've got a few questions here and I'm hoping someone can help. I know that no one really reads this blog but I'm hoping that a real blogger might stumble here by accident and provide me with a useful boost. I've tried the help section, but mostly what is there are answers to questions that my Cocker Spaniel can figure out. I don't really have a Cocker Spaniel, and I'm not really looking to obtain one either, so for those of you who haven't finalized your Christmas gift to me, please consider a nice set of Pings, or possibly a street-legal Dune Buggy.

1. Why does my blog run down the middle of the page, leaving inches of space on both left and right margins? It has been answered to change the Template, but that seems weird.

2. Everytime I change my template, I lose any links I've set up. Also, to my dismay, SiteMeter has been kicked out with the last change as well. When I changed the template I copied the code from the old blog, then pasted it to the new one, but I still lost the links, and that other thing.

3. What's the best way to add photos if I want to add them as a link? Any advice on what site will allow the most bandwidth and storage capacity, ease of use, and hopefully free? Right now I have stuff at Shutterfly and Flickr.

4. How come I can't drink beer for a living?

5. The guys above are The Brothers Sarkisian, and they are not to be messed with. I know they look peaceful eating there little ice creams together, but have you ever heard of Scarface? He's a nice fluffy vagina compared to these guys.

6. A.T., check under "LINKS" on the right hand side and click on "Some Photos." It's the only time I've used Shutterfly, but they allowed me to upload as many photos, with no size limit that I could see (photos averaged 2 MB) for free. The downside was that I had to upload the photos one at a time. Flickr allowed me to upload them in bunches, but they have a 20 MB limit per month if you register for free. Free is for me. So why not just upload smaller versions of the photos? I do that here b/c I only do one photo per post. I don't want to have to resize a bunch of photos to upload them to a site. Does Photoshop have a way to resize a series of photos? Or does any other program have that capability?


~*~ Deanne ~*~ said...

Everytime you change your template (well select one that Blogger offers) will lose anything you had on the previous template.

You can EDIT your template (which is what I have done over the past 8 month) to make it look like I want to.

When you cut and past things into your new template, it should save them.. if you select Save Template and the Republish it. Look at the Preview to make sure it looks the way you want before you save it.

I use PHOTOBUCKET.. to add pics to my blog. It will give you the code to use in your blog. Of course you need to save it into Photobucket at the size your blog will allow. I resize my photos in the program that came with my digital camera BEFORE I save them into my photobucket account.

Anyway.. as far as the template.. instead of selecting different ones... just start altering the one you have.. Read into and learn about HTML codes.. it is really fun. I have learned so much since I started my blog.

Good luck.. come check out my blog sometime (I happened across yours by selecting.. next blog).

jbo said...

thanks for the help! i also feel so lucky to know that i was 'next blog!' i never even would have known....

Sharkle said...

Put some video up on this crappy blog!

Do a 360 kick, stick it and then go check it!

AKA said...

thanks for the link....and all the good times.