Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Que Te Vaya Bien

This mural is actually on display in the Denver airport. Not only do I just find it out of place in an airport, but I'm also just a little bit irritated that a city would use it's money to buy this. And the way the world seems to be working, I'll take a chance and say it wasn't cheap.

I'm reading this book by James Frey called "A Million Little Peices." Apparently it's on Oprah's Book Club, but don't let that scare you. It's really good, if you like a story about a 23 year old Drug and Alcohol addict who is making what is most likely his last attempt to stay alive by checking into a Treatment Facility. His writing style is different; more stream of consciousness than orchestrated prose, but it's refreshing and keeps a good pace.

I was discussing addiction the other day with someone, and it was this person's opinion that we all have addictions. I never really thought of it that way. Rather I thought that many people might have addictions, but not all. So I've been thinking about it a little, and I'm not sold, but the percentage of people that I would have thought had addictions did increase. I think I'd have to say that most people do have addictions.

addiction - (n.) The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.
this is definition 2 a. from

from wikipedia - Addiction is a compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its consequences.

I like the second description better for some reason. Although it does seem that it would then not include workaholics, or more generally anyone involved in behavior in which the consequences were positive or desired. Not that the consquences of workaholics is positive but it usually desired by such people (for whatever crazy reason).

Actually the more I think about it, I like to think of addiction as some behavior which allows us to escape from things that bother us. Some repeated activity that lets us get away. Eating, television, drugs and alcohol, work, being an asshole, being Mother Teresa, talking, etc.

I don't drink tea very much, but I find it very soothing to do so. Yet everyday, without fail I drink coffee in the morning. If I don't, I will be irritable. I used to have to drink it to wake up, but now I'm pretty used to being awake at the same time. So the coffee isn't needed anymore to get me started. But if I skip it, which I would and have only done to try and not drink it, I become cranky and will get headaches. Weird, huh? I know of a beverage that soothes me and I rarely drink it, and I know of another that I drink b/c I have to, or else the world will suffer.

I gotta start drinking more tea and less coffee...

p.s. This guy thinks we're all addicted.

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