Monday, November 21, 2005

Yep, that's my toilet!

Isn't she beautiful? Can't you just feel the loyalty? Always there when I need her, always coming through in the clutch. No back talk, no disapproving looks or wacky emotional swings. Kind of like a dog I suppose, but hasn't taken a shit in my closet yet. As a matter of fact, apparently the reverse is true.

Okay, just gotta say this quickly. OJ criminal trial verdict: Not Guilty. Civil trial verdict: Guilty. Robert Blake criminal trial verdict: Not Guilty. Civil trial verdict: Guilty. What in the F is going on? The burden of proof is lessened in the Civil trial? Is it b/c the plaintiffs can never seem to collect any cash from these people as they're "broke," yet seem to survive on untouchable $25k/month pensions, and other b.s. like that?

Well, I'm pissed off here! I always pay my tickets and other revenue generators for the State and local municipalities. Always; I just believe it's right. And on 2 separate occasions I received bogus tickets.

"No big deal," I thought. "I'll just explain the situation and the rational person on the other end of the conversation will be able to clearly see what is right, and the ticket will be reveresed."

Correction, make that 3 times (just remembered a time from 1988). so, what has transpired? Oh, just your standard, run-of-the mill, waste my time and effort and then say "no" in the end. "Oh, okay, thank you."

Seriously. I had a parking ticket person give me a ticket in my neighborhood for not having a permit, when I have a permit that I pay for right on my fucking bumper.

Ticket division: "You can only have one ticket reversed per year, per household."
My Answer to this nonsense: "Perfect! I haven't had a ticket reversed."
T.D.: "Actually, you had one reversed 9 months ago."
Me: "No I didn't."
T.D.: "License plate blah-blah-blibbidy blab did."
Me: "That's my girlfriend's car, and she has her own permit. We pay for two permits."
T.D.: "You can only have one ticket reveresed per year, per household."
Me{blushing b/c the T.D. girl is a cute beast of understanding and kindness}: "What!!!??????"
T.D.: "Those are the rules. Next!"

Shithouse. Someone, please let me go back to my home planet.....

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