Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving?

The antique desk/fake-out Baker's Rack is sold. Sorry, suckers, you snooze, well, you get properly rested and most likely make great decisions thereafter...

I was too lazy to mention in my previous post, that the ticket referred to (that had been overturned for my girlfriend/now wife) was reversed b/c we had been mistakenly (oh sure, like I'm going to believe that this happens) ticketed in our neighborhood by local Parking Enforcement Superpowers (and super intelligence). So let's recap:

1. We pay taxes
2. We pay additionally to park in our own neighborhood where we pay taxes (these aren't add'l permits for visitors).
3. The crack squadron of Parking Enforcement has on more than one occasion written a ticket for not having a permit when one is glued to the spot that the neo-Gestapo requires.
-quick editorial note: The permits cost money, and they demand that you place them on your vechicle via a glue which renders them impossible to be removed. Most do this obediently; some do not. I, as a sheep who tried to jump the wall but was struck down, obey and have placed our permits in designated locations. I have also verified with my banking institution that funds in the predetermined amounts have been withdrawn from my account.
4. My wife and I, as tax-paying residents, are only allowed to receive one mistake from P.E. per year between the two of us.

Does this seem fair? I'm not complaining. Just curious. Either it seems that it's unfair to tax-paying residents, or it's unfair to the City. Maybe my next infraction should require I come and make sandwiches for the boys. After that, maybe a day of scrapping gum? I'm not really sure.

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congoslapper said...

don't you love getting 0 comments? It's like getting bears-ed, the e-version.

btw, can you configure my computer so that I am auto-notifed upon every new blog you post??