Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well....what now?

Some quick updates, as I've been lagging....
  • I came to a 4 way stop almost at the same time with another vehicle on 10/12/06. As a tie, I waved the other car through the intersection. Then I proceeded, and the car behind the car I waved through, rammed me from the right side.
  • Close to mid-term elections, the White House and the Iraqi gov't have somehow been able to at least publicize vague notions of a timetable for an American troop withdrawal from Iraq. Coincidence?
  • Stock Market continues to defy all notions of sanity. I think Q1 2007 is a brand new story.
  • Finished reading "Flyboys," and I am now reading " The Kite Runner."

1 comment:

Liquid Spirit said...

any witnesses on that accident?