Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Maybe, and then again....maybe not.

I just took an annual Health Risk Assessment quiz on my medical insurance's website ( I get a $50 credit for doing so), and I came across a question that caused me to double-take:

Have you had a sigmoidoscopy within the last 5 years (tube inserted in rectum to check for lower intestinal problems)?

I read it, answered, and then had to read it again. The answers for this particular question were: a.) Yes, b.) No, and c.) Don't Know. Uh....don't know? That's really an option? I'd love to meet some of the respondents from group C. "So, you're not sure if you had a tube inserted into your ass in the last five years, eh?


random said...

ruffies dude.

i hear the emperor went to a bar last tuesday, had a cocktail, talked to someone, and then blacked out. when he awoke there was a greasy residue around his sphincter and a peculiar sensation as if he'd been prodded. when he later got in touch with me his first question was, "dude, was there a tube inserted in my ass last night?"

Liquid Spirit said...

funny poster that random... i wonder what the emporor has to say about this.

2nd question - for $50, would you let them stick a tube up your ass? $500? $5,000?

i hate those fuckers that fly through the stop with the car in front of them and then give you a look like you are the one doing someting wrong.

- Kite Runner is one of the better books I've read in the past couple years (no that i read alot of fiction).

random said...

more funny: the emperor went from a cocktail to a cock-in-tail.