Monday, October 16, 2006

My Golf Swing

I come from the outside in, taking a divot that moves towards me and produces a ball flight that moves from left to right, or 'fades' at best, and in full panic perfectly demonstrates a 'slice.' And as well as I have mastered the English language (through the Junior High level), I have never really understood what it meant when golf instructors said that someone's hands were outpacing their swing, or more importantly the clubhead.

But last week it hit me, as squarely as that time a bird diarrhea'd on my head. And it was immediately so simple! Alas, I was not in a position to test out my new understanding as I was meditating in the lavatory.....but I will get out there soon. And then we'll see who's Tiger, and who's not.


liquid said...

you are hilarious - while holding your own club, you figured out golf's greatest meysteries. priceless. You weren't working for the spermatobank at the time as well, were you?

random said...

he was holding his own "club," as you rightly note, liquido.