Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bells, and even Bigger Bells

I just walked through the alley on my way to the closest, and trustiest Postal box. In my hands, a check to the company that financed my Civic. Why are you so nosy?

Anyhow, in one of the garages in the alley was a guy working out. When I first walked by and looked inside b/c I'm even nosier than you, he was down doing push-ups with workout gloves on. I first noticed the black leather workout gloves, nice touch. But then I realized this guy was, in essence, cranking out push-ups in public!

And I thought to myself: "Bells."

I can't workout like that. People just start coming up to me with stuff like, "wow, what's your technique to get so chiseled and ripped?" I mean, I'll share the wealth of my advice with those less fortunate, but give a guy some privacy to get yoked, won't you!

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