Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Playboy Mansion

Yeah, I've been there. It's no big deal really. Sure, I saw Hef - and he was wearing pajamas. I saw the pool, went inside the Grotto, took a picture of myself w/ Rick of Tonic Bar laying on our backs on a bed looking directly into the mirrored ceiling.

We were with a group of dudes and we had 3 Playmates escorting us around, answering questions, trying not be too obvious about how bored they were. We had hors d'euvres and cocktails. Bill Maher was there with two more-than-likely hookers, who each had at least 6 inches of height on him.

We were asked not to actually get into the pool, but of course some jackass dove in, and swam about looking for attention. I think he received a few seconds of a non-descript stare from everyone in attendance, and then everyone moved their attention back to their conversations. All except me of course. I was in awe of his lack of self-consciousness, or general stupidity. I was also worried that I'd never be invited back. And you know what..........?


Liquid Spirit said...

this sounds conspicuously like viper's story - is he the one that jumped in the pool - i hope the guy got naked first so he could buy that shirt that says "I got naked at the playboy mansion and I'll I got was a case of blue balls."

AKA said...

I hate this story....don't pretend you don't know why.