Monday, June 05, 2006

No Pain, No Gain

Some days it seems so effortless to put up blog entries. They usually start as a silly thought, and then I just let it rip a little. And then other days it's considerably harder. Today is one of those days.

I don't want this to be news-filter blog, political blog, too personal of a blog (as I'm not sure how those around me feel about it, or whether or not I will regret it later), and so I'm left wondering about the blog? What's it for if I can't vent about stuff? I guess that's the last blog type on the list that I do not want the blog to become: the rant blog.

Some things I want for the future:

a.) I want a different job. Maybe this means a new employer, and maybe it doesn't, but for right now, I want a new job.
b.) I want to live in a different city. The part of LA that I live in is soooooooooo tired.
c.) I need to get in a little better shape. Ideas for exercise include hiking, surfing, anything that raises the blood pressure other than reducing the size of my arterial passageways.
d.) I really should start playing music again. I was never good, so it's not for anyone but me. But I really should; shouldn't we all? What a waste to not learn a little.
e.) Can everyone just take it down a notch? Might be me, might be the media, but it seems like violence and death are really fashionable right now.

Top thing I can think of that will not happen: Bush's proposed Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Why will politician's never give up? He can't think of a better use for our taxes? And let's pretend for a moment that Church and State are separated.....What would Jesus think? I know I'm in trouble now, but give me a break here.

Another idea: the housing market is coming down. We're also heading into a mild recession.


james said...

welcome back. sounds like you had a great time last week. thing that i noticed that you don't seem to do much is to link to other stuff on the web either through http links.....or embedding youtube stuff, etc. that can drive hits and also give you stuff to talk about. like stuff that is off the wall:

AKA said...

Don't give up little choo chew