Friday, April 14, 2006

Penthouse Forum taught me the joys of reading

I've started reading, "The Smartest Guys in the Room," a book about the rise and fall of Enron. Just so you know where I'm at, I'm on page 60 and the book has just under 450 pages, so I've got quite a way to go. But so far, the authors keep introducing characters as these exceedingly brilliant people, who also happen to be very greedy, self-absorbed, back-stabbing egomaniacs. Everyone seems to somehow be connected to an Ivy league MBA program, so I'm sure they're smart; I'm just not seeing why these people are supposedly so brilliant. Small case in point, when I transferred to UCSD, no joke, most people I met could do Rubik's cube. I was impressed.

Last year I read, "When Genius Failed." Now these guys really did seem very f'ing smart. And even though they almost crashed the nation's, if not the world's economy, they were not assholes. They were driven, and demanding - and though I do not have firsthand knowledge of any of these people, they are merely characters in a book - they just didn't seem to be such crappy people.

Anyhow, maybe I'll keep the blog posted about the TSGitR. Everyone is aware of Enron's ultimate fate, and what happened to the numerous employees who were just normal, good people that lost everything. But what I was not aware of was how much of it was a scam, and it seems not just an acounting scam to manipulate Wall Street perception, but something more sinister, and definitely something these people did for years.

We'll see......I'm actually getting pretty bored with the book. And of course I'm still slugging my way through Blink [Liquid - I'm about halfway through, and it's getting a little better, but it still won't make my "Recommended List."].

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