Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Coffee and Cruellers, Part Deux

Where was this picture taken? Why does Random look like he's just swallowed everyone's share of Acid? Why is the guy on the left wearing a hat over a bandana? And why isn't Dana making those dudes some food? Seriously though, where was this pic taken? Also, for the C & C Round 1 winners, please arrange to collect your winnings soon, as there is an aging statute of limitations on your prize.

So yesterday was to be the first day of my new Health and Fitness focus for 2006. I opted to split a bottle of wine with my wife as 'why do today what I can always do tomorrow?' Today was and absolutely perfect day for a quick run.........over to Benito's for a chicken burrito and 3 rolled tacos with quacamole and cheese. So I did that and watched the Soprano's episode that I missed last night. Vito is not in a good place right now, even though he appears to be wandering around heaven on Earth. We'll see.


random said...

It's from late '92, early '93, from that apartment JV and I shared on Crescent Heights in LA. Right around the corner from your present abode. I believe it was Crescent, just south of Third St.

A drunken night.

I have no idea about the bandana/hat combo. Must've thought you were some kind of cross between Dr. Dre and Axl Rose.

And yes, why isn't Belu cooking us food?

That's two dishes of C&C for me at the Blumins' nuptuals, Ski.

liquid said...

damm, you are a brave man for putting that photo up. Random does look amazingly content with the state of affairs. the last two pics your posted of yourself must be some kind of coming out, redemption, and The Way. You are my blog-model.

random said...

I think the photos are solely and merely a coming out, and neither a redemption or The Way.