Sunday, January 08, 2006


"The sage has no mind of his own.
He is aware of the needs of others."

--Forty-nine, Tao Te Ching

What's that have to do with this post? Nothing, just thought it sounded cool and groovy. Or I guess I could make it have something to do with this post, seeing as I have no idea what I'm going to type about anyway.

Was Jesus really the Earth's first punk rocker. He stepped onto the stage, grabbed the mike, and just told the Establishment that he didn't really care what they had to say as long as they went against what he believed in. He told them that many of their ideas were bogus and he wasn't interested. Then he stole some attention, offered a rest to the weariness that many felt, and they killed him for it. Nothing new there though; that's what we humans do with the good ones: we kill them. They threaten to steal power, so we 'turn off' that threat, is that how it goes? And I'm just referring to the World-at-large here, and not anyone in particular. MLK, Malcolm only after he turns to peace from violence, John Lennon, Ghandi, even Old Yeller. But seriously, Ghandi? Yeah, bad dude, we better get rid of him and his insolent malevolence.

A quick, and not so easily answered question I have: why can't Jesus come back and administer the beat down that is deserved? They say it's b/c we have free will, and need to make our own choices, but I want some Divine clarification on what is bad and what is good. Or I need a better explanation as to why Christians - and if you believe in their offering then you must also understand that this goes for every human born - must freely choose to do right if it really exists. Why can't the God of the Universe just come down and set us all straight? Why?

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