Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hey! You! Yeah, you!!

I guess the consensus is not going Gene's way....

But onward and upward!! It's Thursday and I'm waiting to eat some pizza and drink some wine. Mmmmmm, good for me.

Mr. Frey of AMLP got lambasted (apparently, I didn't see the episode) by Oprah today. I read about it in the news and then even heard about it on NPR. Well, I guess we get what we get......or, we reap what we sow......or, something like that.

I still like the book. The second one is boring me already, but it's such fast reading I'll finish it. I'm of a lower order and books with big words and no pictures can be tough on me, forcing slumber is the usual result. Lucky for me, I love to slumber.

What else? Congo Slapper sent me an email a couple of weeks ago, telling me he liked a particular post and that he would leave a comment answering some of the questions I was looking to have answered. So I was excited, and eagerly looked forward to the comment. Everyday I hurriedly skipped home, almost tripping over the Slip N' Slide to get to my mailbox, hoping that Congo Slap had replied. So far, nothing. Thank goodness he's not playing Santa Claus for all the kids under 8 years of age who still believe.

Now he leaves a comment asking why I'm not posting?? Maybe I'm just waiting for him to come through with his unsolicited comments? But seriously CS, I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


I guess the war in Iraq is costing the U.S. $6-7B every month. Not bad. Money well spent.

Lucky for us:

God is always on the side of big battalions.


liquido said...

is there something symbolic about your woman only showing one eye. We know you are a pretty good photographer, and so you must have done that on purpose eith in pre or post production - what gives?

slapcrapper said...

I figured you'd make me come clean on my promise soon, but how can I when Rug keeps calling and emailing, promising me a return visit to SD to surf, only to royally flake? I did get to surf with said shelf last week, first time in a year, and indeed he got at least one good left, eyebrows high & smokey eyes cleared for the moment. I will deliver, mrah, soon.

muffy said...

Is that Molly Maguire's or something like that, by Fairfax and Wilshire? Where's the Saphire 'n tonic?

AKA said...

Gene rules.

jbo said...

There is no significance to the one eye; still waitng S.S.; not Molly Malone's, but rather Tom Bergins; yes, Gene does rule.