Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Now I know what it was like when the first settlers finally reached Malibu after months of dragging their cricketedly-ass wagons full of all their crap through the smorgasbord of weather that we call the Great U.S. of A. Let's not get all wise and ask why I don't write this stuff down, because I just don't. Okay? But I just spent the last 15 minutes trying all sorts of combos of possible usernames and passwords trying to access my blog. I started to think it was another internet conspiracy. You know the one where Al Gore is at home, in full control of the whole internet, sitting on the couch in his tightie-whities sipping a Natty Lite, and snickering like the bastage his is (for all you A.G. fans, he's really not a bastage, just a typical politician, maybe St. Peter will still let him in, but I doubt it). And then it hit me. Yep, I'm dumb.

Anyhow, today was {spelled out} b-i-t-c-h-i-n, bitchin'!! No? Clear sky in L.A., not too hot, not too cold, everyone is at work, except for the 10M unemployed actor/singer/models, and I'm at the beach. Had breakfast at some cafe in Venice. Today was just too much, so I cooly and patiently waited to start snapping photos. Just like in college, when I used to tease and tempt the available women, until,'s 2 a.m., I can't see straight nor put together a sentence and I'm left at the party with a bunch of other cool losers, no women, and no ride home. But unlike then, today I'm a much more mature gentleman, so when the right moment hit, like in college when the cute, sexy, intelligent girl was at least making eye contact and kinda smiling at me, I grabbed up my camera, ripped off the lens cover and .....whoa, bitchnuts!?!? A huge "E" was laughing at me from the LCD screen. Translation: no memory card. I guess some things never change. How many times in college did I say "uh, hold on, I'll be right back." Only to return much too late for the cute, sexy, intelligent girl.

Still a day that makes up for all the misery that is Los Angeles.

Especially cool sidenote - drove up the coast, sheet glass at all breaks, and waves no bigger than my kneecap. This is especially cool b/c I don't surf.

"Hey, wait a minute." - S.S.

I just recalled the dude I chatted with at Zero's for about fifteen minutes, but actually, now that I think about it, I'm way too tired. Maybe tomorrow....


Ted Strong said...

I think the posts with pix work best. People are reading. People do care. Keep up the good work.

jbo said...

my only comment is from the only person i have a link to, what kind of world are we living in?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the ref there, squi. can you auto-notify me of when your blog is updated??

and what is this junk that sez "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." GETOUT

jbo said...

shamlou, does marianne know that you're gay? comment moderation means that you cannot just post your "gay" thoughts about naked men without me first approving.