Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Say What?

This guy had a cheeseburger for dinner, and a shake too I believe. I ordered Ms. Meatloaf, which is made of Turkey as opposed to the manly, all-American beef originated, Mr. Meatloaf. I also had a vanilla shake, and a glass of Shiraz. So Ms. Meatloaf shows up, and it's a sandwhich? Now, I'm often late to catch up on cool ideas, but I've been a resident of this country for 35 years, and a meatloaf sandwich?? A turkey, meatloaf sandwhich, called Ms. Meatloaf? Whatever, it was good.

The point of my blog though is this. The guy, pictured here, TS had just driven down from the Bay Area and stopped in Kettleman City for lunch, and had ate at my all-time favorite fast food establishment, In-n-Out Burger. So what? Two burgers, one day. Of course, I used to get bullied into eating two Big Macs at a time when I was in college, but this seems different. Two burgers, never grill mates or pan buddies, went down the hatch and most likely, however distasteful this may sound, exited as one. Kind of like a sausage I suppose. From miles apart, to be squeezed out together. Interesting.

But here's where things get weird. TS is celebrating his 35th birthday the next day and has decided to quit smoking. A good decision I believe. So to help him, I take a couple of smokes out of his possession so he has fewer to smoke. I know ladies, how thoughtful, but I'm taken. Now my true genius, though rusty, but not dead, shines through....a photo! A photo of a man taking his last cigarette. Well, not really his last, but we're in Hollywood, so we can bullshit a little, right? So I light a smoke. TS lights a smoke. We line up our shot. Click! And it couldn't be better. Until I check out the pics the next day. The bastard hid his smoke! So now I have a pic of me and TS, and it looks like I'm the only one smoking. You don't believe me? Check it out....

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