Sunday, October 30, 2005

Valley Fires

No filters, no digital manipulation, just a rip-roaring fire in the valley. For the photo-critics out there, yes this leaves a lot to be desired, but I needed something, anything, for my first post here.

Five minutes later I would step into this bigger-than-necessary sprinkler hole while angling for another photo, and have the metal sprinkler scrap perfectly up my ankle. One inch to the left and I step on the sprinkler; one inch to my right and I miss the sprinkler entirely. No, this was better. Just perfect. Laser precision at it's finest moment. Exactly the contact that was needed to thinly slice my epidermis from the inside of my foot and continue on upward. Bonus: a woman was coming out of her apartment, just in time to see me stumbling (or bumbling) about her front lawn weilding a faulty grin and a camera. No wonder she immediately went back in.

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