Monday, March 26, 2007

Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time

Lately the U.S. stock market has been......well, up and down. Or maybe we'll call it emotional. I see the headlines everyday, and they're really starting to lean towards a sentiment that is not new. They say things like:
  • The Housing market has not hit bottom.
  • Corporate earnings will most likely decline.
  • Clipstone Street is way ahead of the curve.
  • Consumer spending is important to the health of the US economy.
  • The US spends too much, both on a national and a personal level.
But people have been saying this for a while now. And I'm not referring to the usual Bear suspects. This is just common sense, no?

1 comment:

MRY said...

Everything except the one about Clipstone Street. I don't read about that in the Wall Street Journal. SF Weekly, maybe?