Monday, February 12, 2007

Not For Profit

My Alma Mater called me tonight. Just checking in to see how I'm doing, what I've been up to, and to see if I might want to donate to their fund. The psychological methodology of the call was very interesting. Young, chatty girl talks it up with me about my experiences in school and what she's doing for a good 10 minutes before moving on to the meat of the conversation.

I think her first offer was looking for a minimum donation of $350. Apparently her foundation had mistaken me for one of their many A-list graduates. I politely declined.

Interestingly enough, she now was able to come below the previous minimum. "Would you be able to do at least $250," she innocently queried?


Somehow we got to $50. Lucky for me I had the same answer.


When she asked about $25 I felt low and inhumane. How could I not possibly afford $25? Outrageous, preposterous even. I've either got to be lying, or worse, just a total complete loser. I graduated from their prestigious University with 2 bachelor degrees 14 years ago and still can't even cough up the equivalent of a bottle of Gin. Way to shoot for the stars, boyeee!!

So I did what any man would do, I caved. And the beauty of it all? She told me they were a non-profit. But my question is this:

Who is the bigger non-profit: The University of California or me?

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