Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Computer Wars

So I've been looking at Macs lately, and I must say, I'm tempted. The 20" iMac looks really, really cool. Of course the MacBook Pros look just as good, but damn! they're expensive.

And so here's the thing that I know is happening: it's glistens so I want it. Do I need it? No. Would it make anything I want to do easier? Maybe, but this maybe is a very complimentary maybe, and I think it's actually negligible.

My PC doesn't really give me any problems. And I've got 2.5 megs of ram, so it runs pretty quick. But I will say that it does have it quirks, like the CD burner that is never recognized by the machine anytime I need to burn something. And I was watching an episode of The Office, downloaded from iTunes, that would freeze anytime I adjusted the volume. Weird, huh?

Anyone actually ever read this blog? Any thoughts?

I will say it's pretty fun to go into an Apple store and have all these Apple freaks act like the difference is night and day. Like one is a cheese sandwich (American slices) on white bread with no condiments and the other is a plate of bluefin ahi seared to perfection with all the Tsingtao's you can drink.


AKA said...

let me give you some advice, it all depends on what your purpose is for you machine. My desktop is a P.C. (dell) running on XP. My Laptop G4 Powerbook OSX. Macs are very logical and almost think for you in many ways.PC's don't and i know you've seeen the commercials. someone famous once said "we have a pool, but a pond would be better for you" give me a call i will give you the run down.

Anonymous said...

As I'm writing this from my new shiny black macbook, would have to tell you Macs are better than PC's. Have u ran vista. It's just like roll tacos with processed guac.
It's just not the same. Hold on have to download some itunes to my ipod...Oh wait I need to sync my iphone. U get the picture. Yes i paid big bucks for it. But think of it this way I used to spend a 100 bucks on booze in a night a buy a bag of coke's just money.

wife said...

Allow me to quote:

"Do I need it? No." Would it make anything I want to do easier? Maybe [words words words actually negligible.]

Quoted with love, from your wife, using your new macbook pro. LOL.