Sunday, August 06, 2006

Parking Fees

Something funny happened yesterday, something quite unexpected. I lost another parking lot ticket (this one at the public lot in Pasadena) and was requested to pay the max. For the 2 of you who may remember my botheration with the Grove parking facility earlier this year (and for the 1 new reader who doesn't, it cost me $19 to get out of the garage), yesterday's mishap only ran me $6. That's right, the maximum rate was, and still is, 6 American dollars. Now that's a deal anyday of the week, as I'd probably hit the max anyhow for being there 5 hours.

So the Grove ban is still active....they're going to pay I tell you, it's a fact!

Construction Update
Check it out.....they're pouring cement through this gigantic antennae into the square holes they dug:

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