Thursday, February 16, 2006

At first I thought this was ridiculous, but slowly - as all great ideas come - I realized that this was much bigger than I had first conceptualized. Be sure to check out the photo page. And the Beer Song is mandatory. Sorry to get military in here, but it really is mandatory. And when you think you've got the gist of it, and the song is still going, you must continue on. Trust me on this, it's not a stupid trick where the song never ends. When you're done watching, maybe you have some of the same questions as me. Namely, was that a child petting a dinosaur I saw flash by? And during the let's get drunk and drive (never a good idea) segment, was that a Panda behind the wheel? And then of course we finish with the 1980's free penguin icon.

Couple quick things here: can someone please explain what the gentleman in the upper left-hand corner are doing? And secondly, 'Glaucoma Hymn?' This is the kind of stuff that spawned the "what the...." craze.

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