Monday, November 14, 2005

Back from Beaver Creek

I love visiting places in the off season. They really should consider charging more. For my honeymoon, we went to Costa Rica at either the tail end or the very beginning of the rainy season. Did it rain. Every day as far as I can remember. But then I didn't go to Costa Rica to check out the sunny weather, I'm from SoCal damnit. Plus Costa Rica rain is not bad. Most of the time you're under this really thick jungle, so not much comes down. At least nothing my water-repellent jacket and a hat could't handle. I still wore shorts.

So, Beaver Creek in the off season. What was it like. Sort of like being in "The Shining" but the resort was closed for the summer. No one on the streets. First night we had to ask where an open restaurant was. Answer: The Dusty Boot. It was a bar, with bar food. And it was a glorious bar. We had beer, and split amonst the three of us a chicken quesadilla, breaded fish tacos, a cheeseburger and fries. Now tell me, what else do I need?

Our condo was plush, never could've afforded that. Thanks Ana and thanks Rich! We had 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. Again, we had 3 bedrooms, but we actually had 4 TV's? We had free coffee 24/7 in the lobby, which also served up some tasty red and green apples. Again, this was 24/7. My kinda place. This trip was great and I could keep babbling, but I won't, mainly b/c I need to go visit the 'office.' But I will leave you with this: I had a $50 glass of cognac (again, thanks Ana!!!), and I must say, "Yes, Please." I might prostitute myself in order to be able to afford such luxury in the future.

Of course, this pretty much sums it all up for me....

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